Boss hog - get it while you wait

By the time of the 1997 reunion movie, Booke had died, so rather than replace him with a new actor or similar character, Hogg's death was written into the script. He willed his empire to Rosco P. Coltrane, who continued to pursue zany schemes, many of which Boss came up with before his death.

When you’re the boss, you want to do your best to effectively run your organization. If you do your job well, then your employees will do their jobs well, too. Whether you’re new to the job or just want to improve your performance, there are several common strategies used by good bosses that you can implement in your workplace.

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Clean off outer skin of hog using a white cloth and vegetable oil to remove any mustard or dry rub that may have gotten on the skin. Next spray all of the outer skin with vegetable oil using a spray bottle. This will keep the skin from burning during the cooking process.

Famous for its live entertainment and good times, the Hog’s Breath Saloon offers live music, great food and drinks, a raw bar, and our world famous T-shirts and clothing.

Even light rains can cause lagoons to overflow; major floods have transformed entire counties into pig-shit bayous. To alleviate swelling lagoons, workers sometimes pump the shit out of them and spray the waste on surrounding fields, which results in what the industry daintily refers to as "overapplication." This can turn hundreds of acres – thousands of football fields – into shallow mud puddles of pig shit. Tree branches drip with pig shit.

Boss Hog - Get It While You WaitBoss Hog - Get It While You WaitBoss Hog - Get It While You WaitBoss Hog - Get It While You Wait